whatsapp on browserSo there’s a new-ish thing called WhatsApp. The app’s website says it’s an Android App for small businesses to interact with customers via quick messages, without SMS charges. Users can call one another, share text messages, videos, voice clips, and even documents. The WhatsApp download is free.

Here’s a video about using WhatsApp for marketing.

Can WhatsApp be used for dental marketing?

I’m not sure. My team is collaborating about this today, and I’ll get back to you on it. Dentistry is a unique niche when it comes to marketing. Dentists aren’t considered necessary to the public at large (half of Americans don’t go to the dentist yearly). You cannot market like a healthcare provider, nor will sending out mass internet coupons help – it will devalue your services. What works for retailers, restaurants, and medical specialists won’t work for dentists. But there are tactics that do work, like SEO and content marketing, and I’ll be on the forefront of exploring how to leverage new tools, perhaps like WhatsApp, in dental marketing.

In the meantime, there’s no reason for you as an individual to wait on downloading and using WhatsApp. Kick the tires. See what you think and let me know: shauna@identiwrite.com or 940-395-5115.

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