You want to blog — or perhaps you have blogged — but it’s a struggle. What should you write about? How do you choose and integrate keywords that will make your blog post show up in search results? Isn’t medical and dental information boring to the general public? How can you compose interesting information that people will want to read, without spending hours working on your blog post each week?

Identiwrite employs a team of talented copywriters that actually enjoy their jobs! These American-based, degreed writers are adept at research, composition, developing marketing content, and integrating SEO strategies into text. Since Identiwrite’s primary clientele are dentists, physicians, and attorneys, our writers are well versed in these areas. However, due to their ability to conduct solid research, our team can create content outside of these industries. We’ve written for builders, non-profits, SEOs, product manufacturers, and more.

Here are a few of the interesting posts we created for our clients last week.

Looking for an alternative to NSAIDs and opioids for pain management?

This very relevant topic attracts patients with chronic pain, as well as those seeing a way to avoid taking pharmaceuticals. Dr. Doyle offers both acupuncture and chiropractic services, as well as a selection of dietary supplements to combat pain. Read about holistic healthcare for pain management here.

Did you know that Humphrey Bogart, Aaron Spelling, Eddie van Halen, and Rod Stewart had oral cancer?

It’s a serious condition that’s widespread and potentially fatal — and while smoking is a major risk factor, other risks exist.  In a blog post for Dr. Chris Tye of Texas Oral and Surgical Specialists, the risk factors for this condition are reviewed and expanded upon.

It’s Halloween! No one is more scared than the family dentist!

Metro Dental Care in Lone Tree and Denver, CO published this blog, sure to attract parents in the area. “Tips for a Healthy and Happy Halloween” reviews the best and worst candies for oral health, so parents can understand how to monitor their children’s intake of treats.


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