Right there on your computer monitor, the new iPhone zooms out at you, then gracefully spins on one edge, flaunting its sleek perfection and glory…

You must own it!

A great-looking website will give your credit card a mind of its own, so that it intuitively speaks to your keyboard, sharing its number, 3-digit code, and your mailing address. Two-day shipping? Yes, please.

Mega-brands can afford to publicize websites that make your eyes glaze over and your wallet fall open. Unless your dental office tops the Fortune 500 list, however, your marketing goals must land somewhere here among us regular businessmen (and women) on earth. Prudence dictates that you should seek to understand how to compete locally, within your budget and within reality. You aren’t competing with Apple; you’re competing with Dr. Smith.

The coolest dental website in the universe will be lost in cyberspace, lonelier than Major Tom, unless it ranks on page one of Google Search results. The recipe for “page one, position one” has much more to do with copywriting than interesting imagery and amazing animation. Maybe someday Google will value the sparkling star more than the wee little word, but for now, content is still king when it comes to high rankings.

Lucky for you, I’m Queen of Dental Copywriting! It’s a nerdy crown I wear with pride ?.

Dental Website Copywriting Trade Secrets

Let me share with you five ounces of rocket fuel that a sensational dental copywriter can bring to your website – rocket fuel that, if ignited appropriately, could thrust your site to page-one organic Google results in a flash*.

5 Original text – Buying  stock articles and a blog that feeds to 100 other dentists’ websites will only harm your credibility on Google. The best investment is to pay for quality, clinically accurate, search-engine-optimized text written by a qualified and experienced dental copywriter. When that text is reviewed by you, then edited, it should be uploaded to the website and re-edited to make sure nothing was altered during transfer.

4 Internal linking – Then, once the original text is on your dental website, links must be inserted on phrases that relate to other pages on the site. These links help tell Google’s indexing bots (spiders or robots) how the site’s pages logically work together to explain the topic of your business and services.

3 lt-image tags – Images are excellent to keep the interest of potential patients and for search, as long as the images are appropriately tagged. An alt-image tag and description in the code will tell Google’s bots what your image represents. The image will then have the potential to show up in search.

2 Heading tags – Text written for online readership should feature short sentences, short paragraphs, bullet lists, and headings. All headings can be coded with H-tags to tell Google’s bots that they are, indeed, headings and not body content. Each H-tag has a number attached to its importance. An H-1 has greater importance than an H-3, and so on. Heading tags can be strategically used in SEO.

1 Meta descriptions and titles – Every single page on a website, from Home to Contact, needs a unique meta title and meta description. Often, this task is handed off to a technician because a website has already gone through copywriting by the time it is in its final build phase. However, technicians rarely understand writing or SEO from a writing perspective. Logically, the writer should compose meta descriptions and title tags. Each meta element must be a certain length and should contain targeted keywords for optimal strategy execution.

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*In a flash: Depending upon your market saturation, how your competitors market online, and which phrases you want to rank for, your SEO strategy and results timeline will vary. Copywriting, however, will play a vital role.

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