10 Reasons that You Need an Electronic Dental Practice Newsletter

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According to experts, email marketing still works — especially if you have an email list of patients who already know your brand. Any doctor in private practice should jump on the dental practice newsletters bandwagon because it promotes patient retention, brand impressions in social media, and can attract new patients. Check this out:

  1. Email newsletters reach mobile devices instantly, when people are away from their computer. This drives up open and share rates.
  2. Email newsletters keep your brand in front of patients between their visits, so they don’t go astray and try the new dentist down the road.
  3. Email newsletters let patients know about your newest services, tools, and techniques, so they can get excited about it along with you.
  4. Email newsletters are a great way to distribute incentives (in states that allow them), like a “refer a friend and receive free whitening for life.”
  5. Email newsletters can link to your blog, targeted web pages, published articles, social media profiles, and other places you want patients to visit online.
  6. Email newsletters has great ROI. The investment is tiny, and the return includes both patient retention and, through promotion and sharing, the potential for driving new patients to call your office.
  7. Email newsletter lists are auto-updated. When someone opts out – it’s done, without you lifting a finger. When someone signs up on your website form, they’re added to the distribution list, without you lifting a finger.
  8. Email newsletters can come with important tracking information, such as open rate, click through rate (CTR), social sharea and forwarding numbers, and more.
  9. Email newsletters can be archived on your website.
  10. With Identiwrite Creative’s e-newsletter program, we do all the work – from layout and design to copywriting to distribution to tracking. We even offer a code for your web master to add a signup link to your website.
  11. BONUS: You can use your email newsletter to pat patients on the back for their community achievements. Then they’ll share that newsletter all day long!

Get Your Dental Practice Newsletter Now

Using stock newsletters and articles serves no real purpose. Your newsletter should reflect your practice’s brand, your message, and your mission. A custom newsletter will tell patients that you care enough to stay in touch and give them healthy living tips between dental visits.

If you’re interested in a monthly dental practice newsletter, there’s no major commitment required. We do not ask that you sign a contract. Simply call Shauna Duty at 940-395-5115 for pricing, and let’s get started today!

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