Because the average consumer begins their quest online for a dentist through a search engine such as Google, it’s important to create and maintain a strong online presence. The easier you are to find online, the greater your chance for increasing your new patient intake.

To do this, you need to optimize your website in such a way that when someone searches for a dentist in your area, your dental practice pops up on the search engine’s first page. Improved search engine optimization (SEO) enables you to separate yourself from the competition.

Below are eight tips for maximizing your dental website’s SEO presence and ranking:

Get a SEO Listing

The first tip to maximizing your SEO includes claiming a listing with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other prominent search engines so that your website is well-displayed. Although a quality website is important, if it’s not findable – it won’t matter. When registering your site, be sure to provide accurate information, engaging images, and pertinent keywords.

Use Target Keywords

SEO is primarily based on the words potential patients use when searching online. Placing keywords throughout your website allows you to target people specifically searching for a dentist in your area. When describing your dental practice, these words should contain a combination of your practice’s name, city, state, and services you provide. Below are some examples of relevant keyword usage:

  • Dentist in Austin TX
  • Invisalign in St. Louis Missouri
  • Lee County dentist

Online Reviews

Managing what people are saying about you online not only helps your reputation as a medical professional, but can impact your overall SEO ranking factors. Whether that impact is positive or negative all depends on the types of reviews given. Creating a space on your website, as well as on Google and Yelp for current patients to leave positive feedback can significantly improve your ranking.

Important Details About Your Practice

Within your search engine listing, make sure to include important details from your “About the Practice” page that a potential patient will find useful. The key is to attract the user from the search engine to your page. Users are generally looking for pertinent facts, such as: list of services provided, hours and location, payment methods accepted, and anything that would set you a part from your competitors.

Market Correctly and Consistently

You may have heard the term, “bad press is still good press.” But when it comes to dental marketing, bad information can actually make you appear unprofessional and hinder your chances for gaining new patients. Advertising correct, up-to-date information in a professional manner in all facets of your communication will improve your SEO ranking and warrant you a trustworthy source. Something as simple as an abbreviated address can confuse search engines.

User-Friendly Website

Ensuring that your website is easily displaced on all devices (computer, tablet, and smartphone) will increase your online traffic and minimize patient frustration. Of the 80% of people beginning their search online for a dentist, at least 50% of those use their mobile device. This makes a mobile-friendly website crucial to your success. Research shows you have about three to five seconds to grab sometimes attention once they reach your website. If your website is slow and difficult to maneuver, you will lose them.

Implement a Blog

Having a relevant blog not only increases your chances for search engine detection, but makes you a good informational source for your potential and current patients. Using exciting video and educational content will improve your reputability and SEO ranking. Your blog can expand on the services you provide, offer details on the latest dental technology, include advice on caring for your teeth, or simply provide fun recipes for favorite foods to enjoy.

Social Media Strategy

Social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest provide an easy way for both prospective and current patients to interact with you. Combining your digital marketing strategy with a well-planned social media strategy enhances your presence online and plays an important role in boosting your search rankings. The more ways an Internet user can find you and interact with you, the greater the chance of converting him or her to a new patient.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

To learn more about improving your website’s SEO, call me, Shauna Duty, at 940-395-5115. You can also email me at Remember, if you aren’t taking advantage of all these opportunities, your competitor is.

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