What’s iDENTiwrite?

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iDENTiwriteIdentiwrite provides dental copywriting services to accurately and interestingly express a practice’s unique identity on the web and in print. We believe that the voice of a dental practice should be bold, colorful, and informative to potential patients.

Who needs Identiwrite?

We contract with website companies, advertising agencies, and consultants who serve the dental and medical industries, and we’re happy to work with private practices, as well. At Identiwrite, you’ll work directly with trained, talented copywriters who understand the ADA’s guidelines for advertising, as well as the best strategies for developing marketing and search engine optimized content.

Any dentist or physician who needs original, professional copy for a website, blog, ebook, print publication, or advertisement should call Identiwrite at 940-395-5115.

Why choose Identiwrite?

We don’t offer a library of stock articles, because such mass distributed content is worthless. Instead, we take time to talk with our clients, learn their marketing goals and patient care philosophy, then develop original text that will support the doctor’s brand, image, and SEO strategy.

Often, dentists rely on a staff member, graphic designer, or website developer to throw together some text for their website. In some cases, the dentist composes text, but needs a professional editor. The worst tactic is copying text from another website and using it on your own. This is not only illegal, it’s not good for your image. Identiwrite fills the need in the dental industry for quality, professional copywriting that stands out amongst the countless words on the Internet.

Who writes the copy?

Identiwrite was founded by Shauna Smith Duty, a respected dental copywriter in Texas. Shauna has worked with hundreds of dentists across the country and as far away as Australia, UK, and New Zealand. Under Shauna’s direction, a team of American dental copywriters compose original, optimized web content and unique, catchy print content for dentists and physicians.

What is Idea Blog?

At Idea Blog, you’ll have access to insider tips about dental copywriting, marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, and branding. Should you have questions or want to discuss a project, give us a call at 940-395-5115. We serve clients across the United States.

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