The dental profession holds a few names that we don’t associate with dentistry, or even health, for that matter. You might be surprised to learn just how much you have in common with a famous dentist, known for what he achieved outside of the dental field. Add up the numbers next to the answers you select. You’ll need the total for scoring.

Question 1: If you could spend a day with one of the following people, who would it be?

1. Thomas JeffersonUSA - CIRCA 1978 : stamp printed in USA shows poster with John W

2. John Wayne

3. Michael Jordan

4. Michael Jackson

5. Mother Theresa

Question 2: Someone asks you for advice about romance, you tell him:

1. Buy her/him jewelry.

2. The opposite sex is a tricky breed.

3. Do whatever it takes, but don’t let it interfere with work.

4. You two need a night on the town, footloose and fancy free.

5. Tell me more, so I can understand…

Question 3: You’re planning a vacation and you invite…

1. My colleagues, who are also my comrades.happy young couple have fun on beach

2. I’ll find someone to hook up with when I get there.

3. Alone, because I need to get focused.

4. Anyone who wants to come along.

5. My family, of course.

Question 4: You have to make an investment, and you decide to go with…

1. Silver and gold

2. A startup I believe in

3. Whatever my advisor suggests

4. A record label

5. Real estate

Question 5: You need a dog. You choose a…

1. Golden RetrieverLevretka

2. Mutt with Moxie

3. Greyhound

4. Cockapoo or Labradoodle

5. German Shepherd

Question 6: Decorating your new office, you decide to go with a theme you love…

1. Americana or War Memorabilia

2. Late 19th Century

3. Famous Quotes or Inspirational Pieces

4. Modern, High-Tech

5. Contemporary and Comfortable

Question 7: What time do you eat breakfast?

1. 630 amDepositphotos_1164300_s

2. When I get hungry

3. 430 am

4. After 10am

5. 8am

Question 8: What is your favorite color?

1. Silver or blue

2. Black or red

3. Gold or yellow

4. Green

5. Purple

Question 9: Which movie do you like the best?

1. The Patriot (Mel Gibson 2000)Vintage movie ending screen

2. Young Guns (Emilio Estevez 1988)

3. Miracle (Kurt Russell 1981)

4. Rock of Ages (Tom Cruise 2012)

5. Finding Nemo (Animated, Disney 2003)

Question 10: Where do you like to shop for clothing?

1. My spouse does that

2. Wherever I am when I need clothes

3. Online

4. The Mall

5. Department Stores


10-14 points: “The British are coming!” Paul Revere, American Revolutionist, Silversmith, and Dentist is a forefather of this great nation and, perhaps, a branch in your own family tree. The Revere in you is based on your passion, dedication, and creative talents, as well as your attention to details.

15-24 points: “I’m your Huckleberry.” Okay, maybe he didn’t say that in real life, but Doc Holliday, Gunman, Gambler, and Dentist could may be in your bloodline. You’re a risk taker, a life-lover, and you believe in standing up for what’s just.

25-34 points: You are a competitor at heart, like Mark Spitz, 7-Time Gold Medalist in Swimming and Dentist, and your desire to be the best has brought you far in life. Keep striving for greatness, and no one will be able to stop your success.

35-44 points: You, my dear dentist, are a rock star! The pop rock/hip hop boy band, GreeeN, hails from Japan and features four heart throbs who just happen to be dentists. If laryngitis strikes, you might be called to stand in. You probably have all the latest technology in your office, don’t you?

45-50 points: Maybe it’s the technology nerd in you, maybe it’s your desire to influence those who respect you, but you are most like Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, father of the father of Facebook and Dentist. Your compassion and support, mixed with intelligence, is a recipe for being an amazing mentor and life coach.

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