An effective dental practice website reflects the atmosphere and culture of a dentist’s office. Though a website can be a financial investment, it can also pay great dividends by bringing in a constant flow of new patients. To keep the office phone ringing, when should you freshen up the look of your website? When does the SEO strategy need a boost? Is website maintenance necessary?

To maintain the effectiveness of a dental website as a marketing tool and lead source, you cannot simply publish it on the web and walk away forever. Unlike a print ad, a website requires maintenance. It needs “new paint” occasionally, by way of a redesign, as well as re-optimization to stay current with modern trends and practices in SEO.

In today’s blog, you’ll learn how to properly maintain your website, when to redesign, and when to re-optimize, as well as what you should expect to pay for each.  

Weekly Website Maintenance

Weekly website maintenance should include, among other tasks:

  • security check
  • backups
  • theme updates
  • plug-in updates
  • visual check
  • comment optimization (blog)

You can expect to pay around $100 per month for a good website maintenance program that includes a few hours of support. Note that this is in addition to your monthly hosting fee, domain name fee, and SSL fee. 

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Two-Year Website Redesign

The look, user-friendliness, and interactivity of your website will become outdated in about two years. Therefore, plan to re-invest in your site accordingly. You could pay between $1500 and $5000 for a redesign, depending on whether your site is refreshed or completely rebuilt. 

If you postponed updating your site (with new employees, certifications, products, technology, and services), submit the requests to your designer and developer at this time.

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Annual Website SEO Power Boost

Perhaps the most important part of your online marketing plan, annual re-optimization of your website is essential to see continual high rankings and new patient calls

Re-optimization usually includes backend coding changes, but may also involve some new SEO copy.

Over time, SEO nuances change, and most dentists don’t make continual website changes to keep up with Google’s changes. Therefore, an annual SEO Power Boost is essential.

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Website Maintenance and SEO Boost

To discuss updating and maintaining your website, call Riese at 972-679-6885 or email An effective website brings in more new patients!

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