If you’re wondering how to make social media work for your dental office – to gain more visibility of your brand and get new patients, while also remaining in front of existing patients to boost retention – then this blog is for you. I’ll give you great social media post ideas that you can start using right now!

I’ve reviewed what many experts say about social media posts, which types of topics are most sharable, most interactive, most liked. I At Identiwrite, we mostly serve dentists and consultants, and what works well for a pizza joint won’t necessarily work for a dentist. Try these out, and let me know your personal results.

Top 10 Social Media Post Ideas

So I’ve chosen the top 10 social media post ideas from Forbes and social media experts’ blogs to give you (and my team) the best of the best – specifically for dentists.

  1. Caption this! – a strange or silly photo of your team, your office, your dog, etc.
  2. Interesting, funny, or inspiring quotes/statistics
  3. Video – tips, how to, education, anything! Just make it YOURS. Can be 30 seconds or less. Post to YT.
  4. Tag a friend – TAF who makes you smile, TAF with the BEST smile
  5. Updates – office, staff, equipment, signage, scrubs, anything!
  6. AMA: Ask Me Anything – Pic of doc or hygienist who will answer questions posed by commenters
  7. Behind the scenes – What’s going on back there? Birthday cakes, high fives, goofy socks, eyes crossed, caught snacking, etc.
  8. Why I love… – Why you and/or your team members love anything, from a brand of toothpaste to a local restaurant.
  9. Memory Lane – pics from back in the day, with captions
  10. Before and Afters – from your gallery or brand new

Not a do-it-yourselfer?

If social media isn’t your favorite pastime, call Identiwrite. Our social media package, strategically crafted exclusively for dentists, provides one blog post with original content for your site, plus one or two very sharable, and branded, social media posts. We will publish your links and posts to three or more social media platforms of your choice. If you don’t have a profile on the platforms you’d like to engage in, we can set it up for you.

Blogging and social media posts can work in tandem to round out a dentist’s online marketing campaign. Call Identiwrite today to discuss your social media and blogging strategy – for better SEO!



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