Google experts and other respected SEO authorities tell us that original, informative, well-written text is still the best strategy to boost a website’s rankings. Our team has been producing great content for years, but we go a few steps further. We employ strategies that drive new patients to our clients’ dental offices.

When you choose Identiwrite to compose and manage your website and blogs, you’ll get:

-Dental copywriters: Our writers know dentistry inside and out, from clinical procedures, technology, and materials to the key factors that interest dental patients. We understand that your online reputation is based on the text we compose for you, so we maintain high standards.

-Writers whose primary language is English: This seems like a given, but it most certainly is not. More than a few copywriting companies outsource writing projects to India. While many things can be outsourced to India without compromising quality, writing is not one of them. To communicate professionally with your potential patients, you need writers who have a solid understanding of the English language, including spelling, grammar, syntax, word usage, composition, and punctuation.

-Schema markup: This is a technical element that improves how a web page is indexed by Google. By implementing schema markup on web pages and blogs, we provide Google’s indexing robots with the details necessary to understand content at a higher level.

-On-page SEO: As you may know, SEO standards change rapidly. Our writers are regularly trained and updated on the newest tactics for on-page SEO. We employ the basics, like interlinking, metadata, and H-tags, as well as more complex issues, like pixel count of meta descriptions and linking to pillar content for maximum SEO impact.

-Real-time SEO research: When composing a page or blog, we look up relevant keywords and seek real-time data from Ubersuggest to determine the most strategic writing plan. Ubersuggest tells us which keyword phrases are being searched for most often, and it also provides us with links to articles that rank highest for given terms. By reviewing this real-time data, we can compose content that competes with high-ranking pages.

-ROI research: We evaluate website traffic and keyword ranking month over month, using non-proprietary tools like Google Analytics. If your rankings slip for a particular keyword, or traffic to a page drops significantly, we devise an action plan to correct or improve the situation over the following months. By keeping abreast of data, we can show you how your investment in content management delivers a valuable return.


High rankings in organic SEO results yield the greatest return on investment for dentists. To maximize every opportunity, a dentist needs a well-optimized website with a continual flow of new content published on the site. Most dentists do not have time to manage a website, create and publish new content weekly, and review and revise the content strategy every month. That’s what keeps Identiwrite Creative in business!


Call Identiwrite Creative at 940-395-5115 or email, and we’ll devise a plan to provide you with premium content created specifically for your practice, and a content marketing strategy that will attract new patients. 

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