You go into McDonalds and ask for no pickles on your Big n Tasty. Then, when you bite into the burger, you find that it’s loaded with pickles. Brilliant.

A Tale of Two Workers

Now, when you take that burger to the counter and explain the situation (which you should not be in), you’ll have one of two experiences. The Mickey D’s employee, let’s call her Sunny, may apologize, get you a new burger sans pickles, stat, and maybe even throw in an order of fries. Then again, you may meet up with Rayne, who argues that you didn’t order it without pickles. She may even tell you to pick them off the burger yourself. Perhaps, rolling her eyes and smacking her gum, she’ll shuffle to the back, pick the pickles off herself, “accidentally” drop the burger, pick it up, then rewrap it and hand it back to you.

All Wrong

Today I saw a post in the Google+ group Dentists Around Google. It was a blog obviously written for an audience of patients. Why was the blog posted in a group that consists of dentists, not patients? I can only surmise that the person who posted it was not really interested in attracting patients. I can only assume that the person who posted it was more interested in checking the box that says “posted blog to Google+ group” because some unknowing dentist paid for the service. I didn’t even click through to see if the blog was any good.

Do you think the person who posted the blog is like Sunshine or Rayne? Who do you want managing your social media? Don’t let Rayne handle your social media marketing. She obviously should be working in the fast food industry.

All Right

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