Dental Content


Drives New Patient Traffic

Writing a blog or webpage isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. But for a select few, composing SEO content for dentists is exciting, fun, and fulfilling! We’ve hired and trained this select group, so you don’t have to write one word of copy for your website! You never need to compose a blog! Yet, with Identiwrite, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of new patient traffic derived from excellent content marketing.

The dental and medical copywriters at Identiwrite Creative have years of experience writing text for dentists, physicians, specialists, and medical industry professionals, as well as consultants and product manufacturers. All of the content we compose is original, meaning that it occurs nowhere else online, and in addition, you will own the copyright on all content that you purchase. Using Copyscape, we can guarantee that the text we write for you is original.

We also understand best practices for how much content a dentist’s website should have, keyword research, search engine optimization, and meta data composition, which will yield higher rankings for your website.

To keep your clients’ websites fresh for search engines, like Google, a blog delivers fresh content weekly. Topics for blog posts may be submitted by you, or choose between seasonal topics and SEO-focused topics, specifically developed for your clients’ brand and message. All blog posts are completely original and include a stock photo, uploading to your CMS, and optimization.