SEO-ing and Reworking AI Content

Google Gives Original Text Greater Weight in Indexing

Free content? Yes!

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has given us an amazing tool with ChatGPT and similar services. One has only to enter a topic, and a good-length blog or article is generated by the AI. There are a few issues with this, though–issues that could negatively impact your professional integrity and website visibility. 

First, the content generated by ChatGPT and similar AI tools consists of ideas, phrases, and “facts” available online. Pulling all of this together, the AI tool generates a nice blog post or article. What if another person inputs the same topic as you? Well, the same content will be generated. You and any number of dentists can end up with the same articles. This means the content is not unique, but duplicate (published elsewhere online).

Google values original content, meaning the text is not taken from elsewhere. Google hasn’t indexed it on any other website. ChatGPT and similar AI content tools do not provide original content.

Second, the facts provided by ChatGPT and similar services are not checked. They are simply pulled from existing online sources. For your professional integrity, never publish anything that has not been fact-checked. 

Third and lastly, the content produced by AI tools can be optimized for search, or SEO’d, but the optimization is generalized. Your website’s SEO should focus on keywords and phrases that your potential patients use when searching for a dentist. What are those keywords and phrases? Our SEO technician, Josh, takes time to investigate and generate quality keywords and phrases for our clients. With this, we can customize your AI-generated article’s optimization for your target audience.

Identiwrite copywriters transform AI-generated content into SEO’d, original, fact-checked blogs and web pages. Our experienced writers are adept at rewriting, a service that falls somewhere between writing and editing.

SEO and Rewriting for AI-Generated Articles

You might imagine that rewriting and optimizing AI-generated content is easy; while it’s certainly not as time-consuming as writing an article from scratch, all three tasks (rewriting, SEO-ing, and fact-checking) take time. However, the results are spectacular!

Because we begin this process with an article you’ve created with free ChatGPT or a similar service, we already know what you want. Understanding our clients’ desires for content and voice removes the interview process and much of the revision process from the equation. This saves time, which in turn saves you money while producing top-quality content that appeals to both Google and potential patients. 

To rewrite, SEO, and fact-check an AI-generated article, we charge our hourly rate of $89. In most cases, a dental article of approximately 500 words created by ChatGPT can go through the rewriting process in an hour or less. We have a 2-article minimum for this service.

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