Ready for a Change? Dental Website Examples & Expert Advice

Today we’ll look at dental website examples and hear from a graphic designer, technical developer, and dental copywriter who have worked with many dental practices. We’ll look at responsive design, graphic elements that move and bring interactivity to site visitors, and we’ll explore how to draw a brand into site design. We’ll discuss SEO, because it is essential to getting your site ranked on page one of Google search – and along with on-page SEO, we’ll touch on off-page SEO, like online reviews and backlinks.


Dental websites in 2018 are not what they were five, even two years ago. The web is more competitive, we have local search, reputation factors, and ranking factors – then there’s attention span issues. How do you keep a visitor engaged and pointed toward the transition, which is contacting your office?

Purchasing a dental website is a challenge, not just a task. You should not just rely on your gut – what looks good to you.

Let’s consider at what the experts say.

In the video tours above, you’ll notice how hovering over some of the elements causes boxes to flip or change colors. These actions prompt the viewer to participate with the website, so viewing the site becomes more than a one-sided activity, like watching a television commercial. It becomes interactive, like a video game. Interactivity encourages the viewer to stay on the site longer. This has two benefits. One, the longer a person remains on a website, the greater the chance that he or she will become a patron of that business. Two, length of time on a site, per visitor, factors into search credit. So, keeping visitors on your site longer can actually help boost your search rankings. And let’s face it, the power of being able to move things and make them change color is just cool.

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