To maintain your professional appearance in print, you need a professional dental content writer.

A trained, experienced dental copywriter will convey your message in a professional manner, so readers will immediately know that you are passionate about your work and hold yourself to high standards. Writing is more than putting words on paper (or screens). Anyone can do that. A professional writer creates quality content that flows seamlessly and is easy to understand, so readers feel respected, as if being spoken to by a person who values their intelligence.

Why choose Identiwrite Creative?

At Identiwrite Creative, our team of dental content writers and editors specialize in all aspects of written communication for the dental industry. Shauna Duty, owner of Identiwrite Creative, has been a dental writer for over 15 years and has interviewed hundreds of dentists across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. She has written thousands of pages of dental content in her career and works hands-on with the Identiwrite Creative copywriting team.

All content we compose is original, based on a 97% or higher score by Copyscape, because Google values original text. In addition, your practice needs to stand out from others online and in print, and original content is necessary to set you apart. Identiwrite Creative does not offer stock articles.

How We Can Serve You

The most common projects we engage in include:

  • Dental website scripts (also called text, copy, or content)
  • Patient education libraries
  • Dentistry blog posts
  • Dental articles
  • Newsletters and emails
  • Social media posts for dentists
  • Phone scripts for dental offices
  • Letters, like welcome new neighbors and end-of-year benefits
  • Brochures, post cards, and other print materials
  • Scripts for dental practice or procedure videos
  • Incentive downloads, like whitepapers and reports on dentistry
  • Policy and procedure manuals for dental practices
  • Product descriptions
  • Editing articles, scripts, books, and print materials

Our team of copywriters and editors can compose text for print and web. Our most common clients include:

  • Independent dentists
  • Managed dental practices
  • Dental consultants
  • Marketing consultants for dentists
  • Dental office marketing managers
  • Dental website developers
  • Dental marketing companies
  • Direct mail companies that serve dentists
  • Advertising companies that serve dentists

About the Identiwrite Creative Dental Content Writers

Every writer on our team is based in the United States and has significant experience as a professional copywriter. Their degrees range from English and journalism to marketing amd creative writing. Some have also earned technical writing certification on the university level.

Our writers are also trained in dental copywriting and have a thorough understanding of clinical dentistry. They understand dental marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), as well.

The team is overseen by three editors who ensure that our writers are well trained and hold fast to high standards.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

To talk with Shauna about your dental content project, call 940-395-5115 or email In addition to copywriting services, Identiwrite Creative offers website design and development, graphic design, and content-based SEO.

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