So you want a snappy direct mailer or an informative yet memorable brochure to help draw new patients to your practice. Where do you start? You could choose a stock mailer and have the printer insert your logo and contact information. Didn’t your second cousin’s stepdaughter make a tri-fold brochure for a non-profit company one time? You saw it at Christmas dinner… Maybe you could pay her to help you out with print marketing.

Stop right now.

Your business is worth so much more! It’s a precious investment into which you’ve poured hours of your life – don’t forget that! You have carefully selected a staff to provide excellent patient care. You continually hone your own clinical skills and bring new technology into the practice, because you believe that your patients deserve the best. No stock mailer or brochure is going to convey your passion and pride. Marketing is not a problem to be solved. It an important business matter, and whatever you publish will become the face of your practice in the public eye!

Advertising that Sets You Apart

Over the past few weeks, my series Dental Marketing: Soup to Nuts has focused on the basics of a marketing plan. Just last Thursday, I wrote about creating a mission and vision statement, as well as a patient and employee promise. These commitments are cornerstones of any strong business established by one or more hard-working people who are passionate about their work. That passion should be evident in these statements and shine through in all advertising and marketing ventures.

Whether you’re working on a website, blogs and articles, a direct mailer, or a print brochure, the copywriters and designers at Identiwrite Creative are dedicated to developing materials that will convey your passion, mission, vision, and care philosophy to potential patients. We will reflect your brand with authenticity an professionalism.

The Creative Process for Custom Print Marketing

Instead of selecting a stock design with the same stock images that greet you in Walmart Pharmacy posters and mattress ads, your first steps toward building a custom-designed advertising piece will involve a conversation about your target market, the statement you want to make, and your goal with the piece. From there, our creative team can sculpt the prose and graphics that accurately portray your dental practice and its message.

The overarching goal of any advertising piece is action: the recipient should either:

  • Immediately book an appointment
  • Tell others about your practice
  • Hold on to your advertising piece for future reference
  • Remember your name and brand

General Contracting or Filling a Niche

At Identiwrite Creative, we meet dentists where they are. Our team can:

  • Consult on, critique, and/or modify and revise an existing advertising piece
  • Brainstorm on and develop a unique, complete advertising piece – and have it printed and mailed for you
  • Compose content for your previously designed piece
  • Create graphics only
  • Work with a third party, such as a consultant, magazine staff, or printer, on a print advertising project
  • Start from scratch with a new practice – with creating a name, brand, and logo, and advise through the entire marketing planning and execution process
  • Become the marketing arm of a dental practice, with day-to-day assistance as a remote member of your team

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If you need a copywriter for your internet or print marketing ventures, or you’d like to discuss other projects, call me, Shauna Duty, today at 940-395-5115. I own Identiwrite Creative. My team and I will be honored to provide the dental marketing expertise and skills you need to see your practice become a huge success!

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