Blogging has developed a reputation of blah-gging. Boring to read. Boring to write. Who cares. Right?

Wrong. If you think blah-gging is yesterday’s news, you’re missing out on a gold mine of potential patients. The truth is, most businesses do blogging all wrong. The good news is, Identiwrite Creative does it ALL RIGHT!

Let me introduce you to power blogging. Think of it as power walking for your marketing strategy. The more you do it, the better the results. The longer your power blogs, the stronger the outcome. But unlike what’s true for exercise, you can have an expert write blogs for you!

Why is power blogging so important?

Here they are, and if you need more to convince you, give me a call. I can talk about this stuff all day!

  1. Boost keyword frequency the right way by having more published pages of well written, informative content about specific topics.
  2. Improve your index of long-tail keywords, thereby increasing the opportunity for being found in online searches.
  3. Increase the amount of quality content on your website, which will improve your overall Internet status as an expert in dentistry.
  4. Insert appropriate links to your website pages on related keywords embedded logically and smoothly within blog content, to give individual web pages greater SEO value.
  5. Increase the opportunity for social sharing of your blogs. You may even receive invitations to contribute to publications or speak at events.

Why don’t marketing companies offer original copywriting?

Copywriting for dentists is no easy task. It requires not only knowledge of clinical dentistry, SEO, writing, and grammar, but also creativity and a humble attitude. Not often do creativity and humility go hand in hand. Here are some rules that most writers don’t particularly like.

The client is always right, even if what he or she believes is “right” involves using grammar, punctuation, or spelling rules that go against what a copywriter was taught.

The client is always right, even if what he or she believes is “right” is not what most published materials claim to be factual, when it comes to science.

The client is always right, even if what he or she believes is “right” will ultimately yield poor marketing results.

At Identiwrite Creative, we are experts in dental copywriting, search engine optimization, and dental marketing. We offer experienced counsel to our clients, but ultimately do what a client asks of us. If that entails going against our best judgement, we advise the client of such, then proceed as the client wants. Rarely do we say no to a client, unless we are asked to do something that will certainly harm the client’s reputation or ours.

Why don’t marketing companies blog the right way?

Marketing companies don’t blog the right way because it’s hard. Working with dentists to convey their message and voice through the written word is no easy task. It takes time, and sometimes the profit is small.

I have been told that I’m a wonderful writer by many dentists, consultants, editors, and fellow writers. I was also once told that I could not write my way out of a paper bag. Writing professionally is brutal. It is not for the faint of heart.

Dentists like to show their website content to their mothers, wives, children (as young as 10 years in some cases), and staff members, for editing and opinions. A copywriter must learn to handle all of the opinions with respect and grace.

I have seen excellent content torn to shreds and infused with poor grammar, passive phrasing, and painful punctuation. I have explained why I make third-person point-of-view and serial comma choices more times than I can count. Some clients agree with my professional decisions, and some do not. I rewrite accordingly, and am happy to do so. Some think contractions are unprofessional. Others are happy to see contractions and actually like to begin sentences with conjunctions and end sentences with prepositions. Through all of the opinions, personalities, and text revisions, I have learned much.

After 15 years of daily, diligent work, the job has become quite rewarding! I have developed strategies and systems that have allowed me to train solid dental copywriters. My team can now consistently compose content that ranks high in search engines, while ultimately pleasing my dental clients, their families, and their team members. Hallelujah. Perseverance does pay off. (Yes, that is a preposition at the end of the previous sentence.)

Getting Started

We will begin your blogging journey with a conversation, an interview. You and I will have a phone call that lasts about an hour, to discuss your practice philosophy, the services you offer, and what you want your marketing plan to achieve.

Next, I’ll focus on your competitors — local dentists who offer services similar to yours. We will nail down keywords, the frequency you need to post blogs in order to make headway in search engines, and whether you need to become involved in social media right away. I’ll work with my technician to make sure that your website’s blog is up to par, or we can build out blog functionality if necessary. Google Analytics will need to be installed so that we can monitor traffic. At this point, your website may need some new copy, as well. These are strategies you and I will discuss along the way. Ultimately, you’ll make the final decisions according to your goals and budget.

Our team will create a strategic editorial blogging calendar, based on the frequency and keywords, noting specific pages on your website that we need to link to from your blog posts. We’ll schedule a quarter’s blog posts at a time. I will assign a copywriter to your account, and we’ll get started. A baseline SEO report will show us how your site ranks now for our target keywords, then each month we’ll take a new report so we can see how the site improves with time.

Identiwrite Creative does NOT require contracts. However, we ask that you commit to a year, so we can accurately gauge results.

To learn more about how blogging can help improve your website traffic and new patient numbers, call me, Shauna Duty, today at 940-395-5115, or email me: I look forward to meeting you.

5 Reasons Power Blogging Is a Must

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