Show me a businessman or woman who doesn’t want to trim the budget, and I’ll give you a great deal on some oceanfront property in Arizona. We all want to cut expenses and increase revenue. Here’s a truth: outsourcing your content writing, article rewriting, weekly blogging, and original article writing to Identiwrite Creative will save you money and increase profits.

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Dentists Who Outsource Content Writing Save Money

There are two ways dentists save money by outsourcing content writing to experts. 

First, if someone on your paid office staff writes content for your website, blog, print articles, and social media, his or her time is stolen from other duties in the office. Thus, you’re paying for the management, salary, taxes, and benefits of that employee to write your content, instead of serving your patients and practice.

Dentists Who Outsource Copywriting Earn More, Too

Second, does the team member who writes your content know as much about dentistry as dental copywriters? Identiwrite’s writers have years of experience in writing about clinical dentistry, with perfect grammar, spelling, fact-checking, and no plagiarism. Can your staff writer inject the most up-to-date on-page SEO tactics like meta descriptions, heading tags, image tags, and interlinking? Does your writer know the ADA’s and state board’s guidelines for dental marketing and advertising? 

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you’re not receiving the quality writing that will boost your name to the top of page one on Google search engine results. You can publish blogs every day, but if they aren’t properly optimized and indexed, you’re losing out on visibility; this translates into fewer new patient calls. More calls give you the chance to onboard more new patients.

“But I use my web company for content writing.”

What if your website management company handles copywriting for your site and blog? I can tell you from experience, you’ll either be paying a higher rate by using a middleman (the web company) for content writing, or the quality of the content will be less than expert-level. Dentists are usually open to paying more for high-quality content; a problem arises when the quality isn’t as high as you expected. The whole endeavor becomes a disappointing waste of time and money.

“I write my own content.”

And in a different vein, if you personally author the content on your website and blog, awesome! That’s fantastic! Just make sure you know recent SEO strategies for on-page marketing, so your content gains the most credit for top Google indexing. Our editors can review the content you write and implement on-page SEO tactics if you need help. 

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Higher Profits for Website Companies and Developers

If you own a web development company that caters to dentists, dental consultants, or dental product manufacturers, you either employ content writers or outsource to contractors. My question is, do your writers really know clinical dentistry? Do they understand dental marketing? Do your writers know the ADA’s and state dental board’s marketing standards required? 

If not, it’s time to outsource content writing and blogs to Identiwrite Creative. 

We employ a team of American writers trained in:

  • clinical dentistry
  • marketing to dental patients and dentists
  • on-page SEO strategies
  • all the elements of good composition: grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.

For web companies that have an in-house writing team, the cost of management, salary, taxes, and benefits, adds up fast. 

Higher Quality Boosts Results and Your Reputation

If you outsource to freelance copywriters, is their content clinically accurate and properly optimized? Who’s editing? Who’s enforcing your style guide… Wait, do you even have a style guide? Who’s managing the writers? (If it’s an in-house copy director and editor, see the bolded text above) Don’t your clients deserve the best you can offer?

You can provide truly expert dental content writing and save money by partnering with Identiwrite Creative. Ask about quantity discounts.

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