Content Management

Managing content means overseeing and creating the information published online for a particular business – in this case, a dental office. The term content usually refers to text, but can include videos, advertisements, illustrations, and photographs.

Text, or Written Content, for Dental Marketing

The dental and medical copywriters at Identiwrite Creative have years of experience writing text for dentists, physicians, specialists, and medical industry professionals, as well as consultants and product manufacturers. All of the content we compose is original, meaning that it occurs nowhere else online, and in addition, you will own the copyright on all content that you purchase. Using Copyscape, we can guarantee that the text we write for you is original.

We also understand best practices for keyword research, search engine optimization, and meta data composition, which will yield higher rankings for your website.

To keep your website fresh for search engines, like Google, a blog delivers new content on a weekly basis. Topics for your blog posts may be submitted by you, or choose between seasonal topics and SEO-focused topics, specifically developed for your brand and message. All blog posts are completely original and include a stock photo, upload, and optimization.


Invest in content marketing.

We offer all aspects of a blogging publishing program, including:

  • Topic selection
  • Editorial calendar
  • Keyword selection
  • Original copywriting of 550-750 words
  • A stock photo
  • Metadata and ALT-tags for SEO
  • Interlinking to website service pages
  • Upload and blog management
  • Calls to action
  • Optional posting to social media sites
  • Optional consultation calls to discuss quarterly calendar

Your content management plan may also involve posting new webpages to your site, to build out specific areas that you’d like to promote. For instance, if you begin offering sleep medicine, a good strategy for establishing an online presence for the service would include five or six web pages on the subject, supported by a series of related blog posts.

Images, Illustrations, Charts, and Infographics

On your website and social media pages, your brand can be expressed through visual imagery. Content management is more than text; it’s images, too. Videos are an extremely popular and effective tool for transferring information to potential patients in an interesting format. Because Google owns YouTube, and because YouTube is consistently growing, leveraging videos for improved SEO is more effective than ever. Illustrations and infographics also educate potential patients in a way that words often cannot.

A strong dental marketing plan incorporates stimulating visual elements that convey information, while supporting a practice’s brand and message. Our creative team of graphic designers and writers will collaborate to develop strong and effective strategies to promote your dental office, so you reap the rewards in increasing new patient numbers.


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