If you had to write dentistry blogs day in and day out, you may run out of topics on day 15, or maybe on day 30.

The 50th time you had to compose content about porcelain crowns, you may inadvertently repeat yourself – writing the same words you’d previously composed or accidentally plagiarizing another writer.

Identiwrite Creative promises original content. How is it possible to come up with new ideas and new ways to say the same thing? How can we guarantee that our content isn’t plagiarized?

Coming Up With New Ways to Say the Same Thing

In short, it’s our job. You may not enjoy writing, but our copywriters have made a career of it. (To be honest, most of us don’t much enjoy looking in people’s mouths.) We adore wordplay and finding new ways to convey similar ideas. By altering vocabulary, sentence structure, and idea presentation, we can tell the story of a dental crown many different ways. It’s challenging, but actually quite fun to us.

Making Sure the Words Are Original

Fortunately, we no longer have to rely on humans – who are known for errors – or a handshake, when it comes to promising no plagiarism. Many technical resources are available to verify original content. At Identiwrite Creative, we’ve tried a few different tools and found that Copyscape has the most reliable system. Technology is evolving, and there are many kinks in plagiarism scanners. However, Copyscape seems to offer reliable results, the fewest problems, and the least amount of downtime.

It’s also fast and easy, which keeps overhead low. We simply upload our documents, and the scanner checks our work against all published pages currently indexed on the Internet. Identiwrite Creative shoots for a score of 95% or better, which allows for common phrases like “checkups every six months” and “according to the American Dental Association,” but shows us areas of true plagiarism that need to be reworked.

Sometimes, due to the amount of content published on the Internet, we see inadvertent duplication of content in the documents we’ve composed. When this happens, we simply rewrite, resubmit to Copyscape, and continue this editing cycle until a 95% or higher rating is achieved. Then, and only then, do we publish a blog or web page.

Does Your Website Have Unoriginal Text?

You may not mind if the articles on your website are the same as those on many other sites. If they educate the patient well, then what’s the problem?

The problem is, your dental website is a marketing tool. As such, it needs to rank high in search engines. Google and other search engines place high value on original, informative text. In fact, duplicate content (text found on more than one website) can actually devalue a website, negatively impacting its search ranking.

Therefore, your website’s content needs to be educational for the patient, yet original for search engine value. Then, it will become an asset for patient education and marketing. When a dental practice website is properly created, with search engine optimized text and images, it can become the number-one marketing tool and have the highest return on investment.

The dental copywriters at Identiwrite Creative understand clinical dentistry, search engine optimization, and copywriting. We can compose the ideal text for your website, to attract patients and rank high in search results. Call us today at 940-395-5115, and talk with me, Shauna Duty, about maximizing the value of your website with original copywriting.

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