How to Grow a Dental Practice Website, Part 3

By June 18, 2014July 21st, 2020Content Marketing, SEO

How to Grow a Dental Practice Website, Part 3 seo2Today’s blog is the third and last post in a series. Read part one, about websites, here; read part two, about SEO, here. In this article, I’ll present 10 secrets to improving your website’s traffic and rank, with the goal of earning more new patients. If you have questions about anything you read on this blog, call me, Shauna Smith, owner of Identiwrite Creative, or send me an email.

If you think that SEO won’t help you get new patients, you’re wrong. By looking at various polls and statistics, it’s evident that most people with enough income to pay for necessary and elective dentistry are Internet users. We also know, from research, that a great number of people search for healthcare services online. In addition, word-of-mouth-referrals often occur on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ (and are referred to as word-of-mouse referrals). To compete in search engines, you simply need a website, blog, social profiles, and SEO strategy that focuses on content marketing.

You do NOT have to create a completely custom website with bells and whistles. Today, marketing on the Internet is simple and affordable. You can do it yourself, hire help, or hire an agency to do the job for you.

10 Secrets to Improving Website SEO Traffic and Rank

  1. Create a keyword list with 10-20 target phrases.
  2. Establish a baseline for current traffic and ranking.
  3. Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools on your website, and install Google Authorship on your blog.
  4. Assess and analyze traffic and ranking data monthly, then revise your plan as needed.
  5. Make sure your website has at least 25 pages of original, informative content.
  6. Integrate your keywords into text, title tags, and metadata – and definitely include meta data!
  7. Make sure your website does not feature Flash files.
  8. Create professional personal profiles and business profiles on top social networks and review sites.
    1. Google+
    2. Google for Your Business
    3. Facebook
    4. Yelp!
    5. Yahoo Local
    6. LinkedIn
  9. Make sure the contact information on your website matches your Google+ listing.
  10. Execute and maintain a content management strategy by blogging a minimum of three times each week and adding at least one page per month to your website.

Download my Dental Marketing Checklist for a more detailed agenda of how to start your dental marketing program. Then, call me if you need assistance. I can help if you have an existing website that isn’t doing well in search, you want to supplement your SEO efforts with a strategic content marketing plan, or you are ready to design a new website. I can provide consulting, if you manage your own site, or I can work with a third party to build and publish your new, custom site. Whatever your marketing plans are, and regardless of whether they include a call to Identiwrite Creative, do not neglect the power of organic search engine optimization.

Shauna DutyAbout Shauna Duty: As a copywriter, copy director, and owner of dental marketing companies, Shauna has worked with hundreds of copywriters. Today, she hires only those with high standards for excellence and quality. With her husband, Shauna owns and manages Identiwrite Creative, a content marketing agency that caters to dentists, physicians, and lawyers. Email or call 940-395-5115 to talk with Shauna.

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