Google is huge. The company owns YouTube, Android, and Google Maps, which you know, as well as Double Click, an advertising service – and that’s just the top four businesses in a long list. As such, the company’s constantly morphing and regrouping. Dentists now count on Google for much of our advertising. Google Search, Google Reviews, Google Local, Google Plus, YouTube – and the website tools like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics – are a few of the brands we use in dental office marketing. The problem is, with Google in a constant state of change, dentists can find it hard to catch up with what’s happening online.

Last week, a dentist in California asked me why their Google Local testimonials weren’t showing on their Google+ profile page. I didn’t have an answer, so I googled one! (Ironic.)

So What’s Up?

Google Search, Google +, Google Local (formerly Maps), and Adwords are now accessible from one cohesive dashboard at Google My Business. For dentists, this means you need to make sure that you’ve claimed your Google My Business account. It’s free. Just follow the link above and sign in with your G-Mail address and password.

Benefits of Google My Business Admin

This new administration panel puts everything in one place, which makes life much easier for you, the dentist, as well as anyone who works with your Google marketing accounts. You won’t have to give out your G-Mail logins or jump through hoops to give your marketing manager or web master access to your Google accounts now. Simply go into “Who Has Access” and add the G-Mail addresses of your administrators. Best of all, you can retain the power to remove access from whomever you choose, whenever you like.

dentist sign up for google my business

Need Help with Online Dental Marketing?

At Identiwrite Creative, my team and I help dentists manage online marketing. From composing search engine optimized, original content for dentist websites to creating and posting promotions on social media, we help dental offices get new patients through online marketing. We even build WordPress websites and create Google accounts for our client dentists. If you need help with your Google ranking, website, or overall marketing strategy, call me at 940-395-5115 today, or email I can compile a competitive analysis and keyword search to determine what your strategy should look like. Our clients routinely show up on page-one results for popular keyword phrases.

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