Ginormous is a Word? Cool!

By September 28, 2011September 27th, 2018Dental Copywriting

While I wouldn’t use the word in a dentist’s website or blog… “Do you have ginormous mouth problems?” …well, I might use it in a blog for the right dentist… I learned today that, according to MS Word’s spell check, ginormous is a word. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, since Google (noun) spawned the spinoff of google (verb).

I do want to focus on word choice a moment; I’ve covered this topic before. There are a few words that just seem lazy to me: put, get, and it’s. Actually, it’s can work well in the right context.

Let’s explore alternatives:

Get: select, acquire, grab, grasp, collect, accumulate, assimilate…

Put: set, shift, use, utilize, utilize, apply, employ, place, arrange…

And it’s SHOULD be a pronoun. However, if we say: It’s important for you to understand… What does it’s replace?

Those are my word thoughts for the day.

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