None of us has time for long posts, like last week’s massive article on dentists’ website SEO and conversion. Christmas Eve is in 10 days! So let’s get right to it.

If your Google rank has tanked, here are some fast fixes to consider. Give me a call at 940-395-5115 to review your dental website ranking factors in real time, and I’ll provide options for long-term solutions to keep your site on page one and the new patient calls coming.

Why Your Website Tanked in Google Search Results

  1. No Google Business listing: One of the biggest failures dentists fall victim to is not filing for a Google Business listing. No one tells them to, so how would they know? The listing is free, simple to acquire, and essential to ranking high in search results. Go to to apply.
  2. Bad incoming links: If you’ve acquired some bad links pointing toward your site, your Google rank could fall fast. Check links at The bad links need to be identified and submitted to Google for disavowing. To follow up, you’ll need to work on accumulating new, high-quality links, which can be done a few different ways. We can discuss the options when you’re ready.
  3. Content duplication: Duplicate copy is a big factor in Google rank. If you’ve recently added content to your site, and you did not run it through a plagiarism checker, duplication could be the issue. Scan your site for duplicate content at The fix? Remove duplicate content and resubmit site through your Google Webmaster Tools panel, for indexing. Long-term solution and improvements involve expanding your website with a solid base of new copy, then expanding the site regularly, over time, with fresh, informative content that’s well optimized for search.
  4. Few reviews: Few patient reviews, no reviews, or a competitor with more reviews can push your listing off the Google Maps/Local section and bump it down page one organic listings. Do a Chrome Incognito search, or the equivalent in your browser, for your practice name on Google, find the Google Business listing on the right panel in search results, and look at the reviews section. Compare this to the Google Business listings of your higher-ranking competitors. To remedy the issue, you’ll need an in-office plan for acquiring patient testimonials. There’s no fast fix for this – but there is a solution that we can work on together called reputation management for dentists. In the meantime, other strategies can help your site rank high for secondary factors.
  5. They’re better than you at this: As the market for dental care grows in your area, the online marketplace will become more competitive, as well. An older website has an advantage – time. Your domain is an asset. However, if your site is of archaic design, the code and graphics are more than 3 years old, then it may not do well against new and improved websites built for today’s strategic competition. You don’t have to know about websites and online marketing improve Google rank. You do need someone you can trust with your online properties.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Shauna Duty




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