A solid SEO strategy will attract potential patients to your website, but will the site engage the visitor enough to result in him calling your office to schedule an appointment? The longer a potential patient explores your website, the more likely he is to call your office.

To increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website, I suggest adding videos, and even good old infographics, so that visitors engage with the site. They watch the videos. They learn. They become interested and call your office.

For a reasonable fee, we can add premade video illustrations to your website. They’ll not only illustrate dental procedures, but they will create movement and capture the attention of potential patients.

Video testimonials are a must-have for dental practices interested in growth. Visit our client’s website here to see some great video testimonials. With just your cell phone, you can capture excellent video testimonials. Or, if you prefer to go all-out, we can refer you to a professional dental videographer.

Lastly, I still love infographics. They engage viewers by taking them on a visual journey through information, statistics, and facts. Infographics can cover any topic. We can reimagine your postop instructions as infographics. Procedures, technology, and even employee bios can be made into infographics, and our graphic designer has the skill and artistry to create memorable and engaging infographics.

Here’s a pleasant surprise: When the time people spend on your site increases, Google will take notice. Your website will get an SEO boost, to boot!

To learn more about SEO for websites, videos, and infographics, call Riese Duty at Identiwrite, 972-679-6885.

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