According to TMG Custom Media, 78% of consumers consider quality content (interesting blogs, web pages, social posts) as a sign of a business’ desire to build good relationships with patrons, and 90% think that custom content on the web is useful. In addition, content marketing may initially seem costly, but it’s actually about half the price of inbound marketing, and much more effective. So those statistics are interesting, but let’s look at human nature to really investigate why dentists should adopt a strong content marketing strategy.

Your Target Market

Whether you own a private dental practice that accepts insurance or a high-end cosmetic dentistry center that’s fee for service, the patients who are going accept treatment and pay you on time fall into the middle classes, primarily, with some in the upper classes. This demographic craves knowledge, and has for many years. From the newspapers popular in previous generations to the social media updates happening right now, information is soaked up by the middle and upper classes. We cave facts and knowledge. By providing interesting information that’s relevant to your target market, you can become part of the fuel that human minds require.

You’re the Expert

What do you know that your potential patient doesn’t yet know? How can that information be made relevant and interesting to your audience? Simple. Let’s take cavities. You know a lot about cavities. You know things that your ideal patient may not find interesting, but you also have expert knowledge about how gastric reflux increases the potential for tooth decay. Web MD tells us that 60 million Americans have acid reflux symptoms once a month or more. Of those 60 million, a few are probably in your target market; a few are probably in your patient base. Everyone knows someone who has acid reflux, right? If you publish an interesting blog about acid reflux, like “10 Tips to Stop Acid Reflux,” and mention how the disease relates to dentistry, that blog could potentially go viral on the web. The same is true of blogs about snoring, bad breath, and gum disease. There’s a ton of blog fodder right there.

Long on Knowledge, Short on Time

This is where most dentists become bogged down: they have a lot of interesting information to share, but no time to share it. Nice to meet you. I’m Shauna Duty, owner and copy director at Identiwrite Creative, a copywriting firm that caters to dentists. I want to learn abou you and your practice, research your target market, and develop a custom content management strategy to bring you new patients. My company can handle your content marketing, from start to finish, and we offer reports to track ROI. All of our writers are US-based, and I edit  their work for clinical accuracy, as well as quality writing. For a decade, I’ve ghost written content for dentists, dental consultants, and dental marketing firms.

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