You’ve completed nearly a decade of school, perhaps more. Then there was the residency. In addition, you attend continuing education courses each year. Obviously, you’re an expert at dentistry.

However, Google may not think so. If your website is not growing, providing Google with accurate, unique, informative content every week, Google won’t place your site high in organic search engine results. So there you are, an expert, a doctor of dentistry, and you aren’t taken seriously by a robot (search engine robots). It’s an insult, to be sure.

You can overcome this, though, and you don’t have to pay $1 or more per click.

Begin building expert status on Google now, and your site will start a journey toward consistently high rankings that will serve you well for years to come. If your site can remain on page one of Google for popular search terms, it will actually become a financial asset when you decide to sell your practice. The older your website, and the higher quantity of quality content it has, the more it will be worth. In the meantime, as you’re building your practice, adding content to your website will drive more new patients to your office.

Be A Dental Expert on Google

The best strategy I’ve seen over a decade of assisting dentists with marketing, includes the strict and consistent publication of completely original, well optimized, informative content about dentistry and dental patients. Let me show you how it works.

Your website has a page on cosmetic dentistry.

Sub-pages under cosmetic dentistry include: porcelain veneers; home teeth whitening; instant teeth whitening; tooth-colored fillings; ceramic dental crowns; cosmetic gum reshaping; cosmetic tooth bonding; cosmetic tooth reshaping; replacing lost teeth; the smile makeover process; porcelain veneers; and about dental facelifts.

Your weekly blog post includes a link back to the cosmetic dentistry page or any of its subpages.

Your blogs are posted to your profile pages on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter or Pinterest. If you are a dental specialist, your blog is posted to LinkedIn as well. Even if the blog never attracts a comment or share, you post it religiously – because Google knows!

This same strategy is applied to all services you offer.

You can see, then, how your website will truly become a library of information about dentistry. Google will notice your efforts when it indexes your website, and the site will rank higher, more consistently, and for a wider range of keyword phrases/search terms.

Becoming an expert dentist on Google is a long-term investment. Maintaining a content marketing strategy for six months won’t produce optimal results. You must commit to a year or more of content, and the more content, the better the result.

I’ll Do It for You

The best news you’ll read all day: You Do Not Have to Write Web Pages or Blog Posts. That’s right. I’m Shauna Duty, owner of Identiwrite Creative, a copywriting and consulting firm that caters solely to dentists. For thirteen years, I’ve written web content for dental practices in the US and other English-speaking nations. Along with my US-based copywriters, I compose web pages, blogs, and many other types of content for dentists. You’re already an expert. If you want Google to give you the credit you deserve, call me at 940-395-5115 to discuss content marketing or email me here. I look forward to your success.

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