Dentists, blogs are not going away. They’re here to stay and consistent, high-quality content, images, and video still contribute to top Google rankings. Content remains King of the Internet in 2020.

Blog Writing

So you need to write some blogs. First of all, if you don’t plan to write WEEKLY and include about 500 words in each post, with pictures and video, then there’s no point. The niche of dentistry is so small in comparison to overall information on the web, you must be strategic and consistent to get traffic.


Niel Patel, 2021

Hire a Dental BloggerOne of the best pieces of advice I can give you after 15 years in digital content marketing for dentists is to create an editorial calendar based on top keywords for your city, services, and the symptoms your patients experience. 

An editorial calendar is a spreadsheet that lists the keywords, titles, and dates of publication for a blog (or any publication). I like to include a link to published blogs, as well, for quick reference. Editorial calendars for dental blogs should be planned according to the data in SEO reports for the previous month(s). Focus on keywords and topics with declining rankings or those that you want to promote the most. Seasonal and timely news-related topics can also rank well in search. 

10 Best Blog Topics for Dentists

But you’re reading this blog for topic ideas, right? So let’s get to the main course. You may not like all of these suggestions, but they are getting traffic:patinet questions are pure gold for dental blogs

  1. 7 Home Toothache Remedies (essential oils, clove, etc.)
  2. 3 Drugs for Dental Pain
  3. Dental Implants $ (with the price listed)
  4. The Real Cost of Dental Implants in [Your Town] (or any procedure/treatment)
  5. I swallowed my dental crown! Help!
  6. 5 Reasons to Get Invisalign Today
  7. Scared? Fear of the Dentist is Common and Fixable
  8. Call This Emergency Dentist Now
  9. Cracked Tooth: Symptoms and Treatment
  10. How to Find “Best Dentist Near Me”

Like I said, these may not be ideas or wording that you love, but a good dental writer or dental blogger can put a unique spin on any topic and develop a blog that will generate traffic for your website — and appointments for your office. It’s the words in these titles that are important. For instance, “drugs for dental pain” instead of a title about dental phobia or sedation dentistry. Your patients are looking for drugs to relieve their pain, not sedation dentistry. The answer to their inquiry would be sedation dentistry. Rewording the title to sound better negates the point of keyword research.

Need a dental blogger?

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