Revise new patient forms. Reorganize and update the procedure manual. Update employee resumes on the website. Post a blog every month to help your site’s SEO. Write the end of year benefits letter and mail it in October. Proof the new patient packet and next quarter’s direct mail piece.

If you’re like hundreds of dentists I’ve worked with over the past decade, you have multiple writing projects piling up, and you simply don’t have the time (or desire) to get them done.

I understand. Your job is being an awesome dentist. My job is copywriting for dentists – yes, for dentists in particular.

I’m Shauna Duty, owner of Identiwrite Creative, and I have over a decade of experience working with dentists on marketing plans, branding, website design, and all facets of copywriting. In addition to composing website pages and blogs for my client dentists, my US-based copywriters and I can help you with all of the writing projects on your to do list. If you need to outsource writing projects to an expert in dental copywriting, email me at, or call me at 940-395-5115. Not only do I understand clinical dentistry, but I know how dental offices function. Dentistry is my niche.

Because of the plethora of interviews I’ve conducted with general dentists and dental specialists across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, I have a special gift for emulating a dentist’s voice. Once I understand the type of dental care you provide, your philosophy of care and service, and how you relate information to your patients, I can take on your voice and tone, to create written content that sounds like YOU wrote it. This is known as ghostwriting, and it’s my forte.

Beyond Blogs

I recently began creating a complete SOP (standard operating procedures) manual for a client, and he is elated to finally have this gigantic project off of his plate. For the same client, I’ve created forms, employee documents, patient consents, and other miscellaneous writing projects that he simply could not find time to complete. I’ve also edited his print marketing materials, working directly with his printer, before his final sign off on proofs. This dentist is expanding his practice to include multiple locations, so standardizing policies and forms is essential for the success of his long-term practice growth goals.

Another client is also expanding his offices; he has two very different brands to promote. I’m going through his before and after photos, composing case descriptions with an emotional appeal that will speak to potential patients, rather than the clinical approach dentists tend to take when describing cases. This strategy will help his website’s SEO, as well as patient conversion and case acceptance. In addition, I’ll work on a direct mail piece and provide final editing for a book he authored.

A new client called me in the middle of a busy workday last week just to say, “WOW! You totally nailed it!” I also get referrals from dentists I worked with years ago. Right now we work mainly with consultants and web firms, but Identiwrite Creative is in a growth phase, so I’m taking on new client dentists for the first time in over a year. My services and expertise are not a fit for every dentist. Those who are ready to expand, grow, and serve more patients tend to gain the most from working with Identiwrite Creative.

Call for a Quote on Writing Projects

If you’d like to talk about copywriting and editing projects for your growing dental practice, give me a call at 940-395-5115 or email I’ll give you my honest opinion of whether Identiwrite Creative would be an asset to your practice. Because of my years of experience in dental marketing, if I cannot help you, I can probably refer you to a reliable resource that will serve you well. As a dentist, you understand that it’s all about building relationships, right? That’s my philosophy, too. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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