A few specific pain points in dental marketing, website, and SEO are common to most dental practices. You’ve probably experienced a few of these issues yourself:

  • not enough site traffic;
  • poor Google rankings;
  • slow load time;
  • broken links;
  • security hacks;
  • 404 errors;
  • downtime;
  • theme and plugin issues.

At Identiwrite Creative, we offer services to address these sticky situations, so you can continue business as usual, with total peace of mind that we are managing your online image, visibility, and website performance.

We’ve created this Q&A for easy reference, so you can determine the best Identiwrite Creative services for your digital marketing challenges. The questions below hold pain points, and the answers share our proven solutions. Call Riese at 972-679-6885  for more information.

Does your dental website have broken elements or an outdated design? 

-Experts say a website’s life is about two years. In that time, not only will designs become outdated, but SEO best practices will change or be amended, as well. So, to retain a contemporary, attractive website that pleases potential patients and Google, plan to invest in a new site every 2 years. Remember, how your site looks on a mobile device is as important as how it looks on a desktop.  Approximately half of a dentist’s web traffic origniates on mobile devices.

SOLUTION: A Power Website brings contemporary design, a great user experience (UX), and proven SEO strategies together, so your dental practice has a stellar online image and regularly converts site visitors to new patients.

When was the last time you reviewed your entire dental website?

-You tell patients to visit your office every six months for a checkup and cleaning. The same rule applies to your website! A professional web technician should review your website every six months for broken links, slowdowns, theme glitches, security concerns, and other issues that you may not be alerted to in real time. 

SOLUTION: Dental Website Maintenance with Identiwrite will ensure that your website gets prompt attention when unforeseen issues arise. Also, website management includes theme and plugin updates, security (varying levels available), backups, and up-time monitoring. Without these essential services, your site could break down at the side of the internet highway!

Do you want to see more new patients for a specific service? 

Your website gives a broad view of all the services and products you provide. What if you want more dental implant or Invisalign cases? How can your website be revised to drive practice growth in a specific area, without stealing visitors from other pages of your site?

SOLUTION: The Niche Power Pack has replaced “microsites” as the best strategy for acquiring traffic to a particular page or set of pages. With this product, we hone in on 5 of the most popular keyword phrases within a service area, then strategically create search engine optimized pages for each phrase. Essentially, the Niche Power Pack builds out an area of your website to reflect an area of your practice offerings.

Have your dental website visits leveled off? Does your site need an uptick in traffic?

It happens. Website traffic that once fueled practice growth tapers off, and the phone stops ringing. We have a solution for this problem, too!

SOLUTION: An SEO Power Blog Subscription will feed the Google Beast exactly what it wants: original, high-quality content. For you, this means more website traffic and the ability to focus on specific service areas or procedures for periods of time (ie: a month of implant blogs to boost implant traffic).

Have you seen fewer of your long-term, regular patients since COVID closures?

It costs $2-300+ to acquire a new patient, according to some dental marketing experts. It’s why recall should be 30%+ of a dental practice’s schedule. It costs less to retain patients than to solicit new patients. 

SOLUTION: Power News is an e-newsletter solution that will keep your brand and messaging in front of current patients. A general rule of thumb in marketing is, if you keep your brand in front of repeat customers, they’ll be more likely to return to you when the need arises; furthermore, if you’re on their mind, they’re more likely to refer friends and family to you. A monthly or quarterly e-newsletter will do just that–keep you on the forefront of your patients’ minds between visits.

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