What Can a Dental Marketing and Website Consultant Do for You?

By May 26, 2016September 27th, 2018Dental Marketing, Website Consulting

Website Development Process Word Circles ConceptOver the past decade, I’ve worked closely with dentists in a variety of circumstances, from those just starting private practice, to those hoping to sell their dental practice and move toward retirement. I’ve worked with private practices that have one owner, as well as those with multiple owners. I’ve worked with group practices and corporately managed practices. All of these relationships have provide me with a plethora of knowledge for dentists in various stages of their career.

I’m a dental marketing and website consultant, as well as an editor, and I have a staff of competent, well trained dental copywriters. Oftentimes dentists and practice consultants are unfamiliar with the many facets of dental marketing, so I bring my expertise to the table to help them make wise decisions.

What can I do for you?


Web developers know code. Web designers know graphic art. These are two distinctly different professions. You should not rely on a developer for design decisions, or a designer for development decisions. You need someone well versed in online marketing for dentists – that’s me, Shauna Duty of Identiwrite Creative. I’ve managed the production of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of websites.

Dentists often feel like they base web design and content decisions on their own desires, rather than what will attract new patients and increase practice revenue. In a perfect world, dental websites are designed to appeal to the “ideal patient,” and developed for superior SEO rankings, as well as simple navigation for your site visitors.

If you’re building a new website with a developer or designer, and you need guidance making informed decisions, call me at 940-395-5115. I have worked with web designers and developers in all facets of dental website creation. I know what should go where in the layout, for optimal results. I know the research behind why dentists need the office phone number on the upper right corner of every page, and why the About Us page of a dental practice website is extremely important. Working with you and your developer or designer, I can lead you toward making wise choices, based on my experience, as well as statistics and facts.

branding concepts logosBRANDING DECISIONS:

In my career, I’ve seen dentists and their spouses drag out logo decisions for up to a year or longer. They cannot make a decision, because they don’t know what factors are most important. I can help you decide on the ideal brand for your practice. Branding includes not only the name of the practice, but everything that represents you. Brand is literally the thoughts a person conjures up when they see your logo or hear your name.


Marketing consultants may suggest that you do a direct mail campaign. A graphic designer and printer can create the piece, but what should it say? What will attract new patients? I can work with you, your designer, and/or your practice consultant to develop laser-focused direct mail pieces that convey the voice and brand of your practice. I can also help you make good decisions for brochures, magazine articles, print ads, banners, and signs.


shauna duty dental copywriterI’ve composed telephone scripts, video scripts, e-books, reports, and marketing plans. I regularly edit and revise print pieces and websites for my consulting clients, and much of the product I create is text – for online or print. My team can write advertisements, advertorials, and press releases.

If your practice does not have a marketing expert on staff, I can fill that role for you.

Give me a call at 940-395-5115, or email shauna@identiwrite.com, and we’ll talk about how to create marketing tools that will deliver new patients to your office.

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