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By May 7, 2010September 27th, 2018Dental Implants

According to an article at, Dr. Timothy Rose, president of the ADA in 2004, stated that he hoped dental implants, rather than dentures, would be the future of dental prosthetics. His prediction is coming to fruition. Today, NobelBiocare, 3i, and other big implant companies are booming. Furthermore, Mini Dental Implants by Imtec are doing quite well for denture stabilization. Whether you place implants or work with an oral surgeon or prosthodontist for an interdisciplinary approach to implant cases, patient education is key.

Implants last longer than dentures and offer a more stable, convenient alternative. Problem is, they’re pricey. Considering the long-term value of implants, the cost seems reasonable. However, making a patient understand the value can be a difficult obstacle. What’s a dentist to do?

Start by offering financing with companies like CareCredit or Springstone Financial. Be sure to honestly explain the pros and cons of dentures versus implants. Providing a well-optimized webpage with videos from NobelBiocare or a third party, such as Implant Vision, will help your education efforts. But making a big financial decision can take time.

When I purchased my home, the pictures and floorplans became ragged from my constant attention. I showed everyone whose opinions I trusted and constantly reviewed the information. Having the info in my hand meant quick reference, any time, anywhere. Likewise, a patient faced with the decision of investing in dental implants (and quality of life) will seek information. If you provide the information, your ideas and recommendation will be in the patient’s hands.

I say all this to help you understand why the Dental Implant Patient Education Page from Words for Dentists is a wise investment for you and your practice. We offer full-color, glossy information sheets, as well as webpages, blogs, and brochures, to provide implant dentists with excellent patient education resources that help patients make wise decisions. Give us a call at 940-395-5115, or shoot us an email at shauna@identiwrite, to discuss how PEPs can improve your case acceptance.

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