Contractions Are Okay, So Chill Out

By February 5, 2011September 27th, 2018Dental Copywriting

Contractions Are OkayI’ve interviewed over 1000 dentists, and it’s always funny to me when a dentist banns contractions from his website or blog. This isn’t a rant, it’s a fact that I want to share with dental copywriters and dentists.

It’s Okay, Nay, Preferred to Use Contractions in Internet Text

Whether we’re talking about a blog, website, social networking, directory listing, or any other Internet destination, readers want to hear you in your writing. They do not want to read text that sounds like it’s spewing from a professor. On the contrary, my dear Watson, folks prefer to read text that feels like a conversation. And if you have omitted contractions from conversation, you’re weird.

Contractions will not make your website or blog appear unprofessional. They will not belittle your training, experience, or respect.

Contractions will make people feel more relaxed reading about you and your practice. They’ll make you seem like a human, not a robot.

So to the copywriter, if your client dentists demand no contractions, warn them that it’s not wise to go that route. But, as always, give the customer what he wants.

To the dentist, Chill Out.

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