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By December 27, 2010September 27th, 2018Dental Copywriting, Writing Dental Websites

In the website industry, a site with the standard Home, About, Services, and Contact pages is known as a brochure site. It contains the same information that a trifold brochure holds. Going beyond that, dentists often add pages like Gallery, Meet the Team, Financing, and Forms. However, I want to challenge you to consider your audience and customize a few pages that would appeal specifically to them.

Beyond Brochure WebsiteFor instance, a family dentist might feature a For Parents page and a For Kids page. The parents’ page could include the details about how your office makes family dental care visits easy; how you take care to help parents feel comfortable and maximize their time in the office. It might also share information about when a child needs to visit the dentist. A kids’ page can have photos and text about your child-friendly office, like the fact that you have video games in the lobby, cartoons in the clinical rooms, and a cavity-free program with prizes.

A cosmetic dentist might feature a few pages, outside the gallery, for smile makeover cases. Imagine a page that features before-and-after photos, a video testimonial, and the clinical description of how the patient’s expectations were met. A page such as this has great potential as a springboard to pages that describe services, so website visitors can click through to learn about the case procedures.

An implant and complex restorative dentist could use the same case description page mentioned above, but he might choose to do a healthy living page for seniors. This page could feature tips to help in the oral healthcare routine of patients with arthritis. Another option might be a page that lists the best health websites and places for senior citizens. Does your town offer a discount on recreation center membership to seniors? That’s good information for  your health-conscious older patients!

You and your team know your patients better than anyone else, so it’s up to you to brainstorm the types of website pages that would most appeal to your target market. Once you have some ideas, a creative and respected dental copywriter should be able to flesh them out for you.



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