Dentist CopywriterAs a dentist, your number-one priority is caring for your patients. Creating a compelling website, marketing, and writing blog posts come second. It may even be further down your list of priorities. A well-designed website with informative and interesting content, however, can help you in your goal of acquiring—and retaining—new patients. If you’re struggling to create content for your website or blog, or you’ve noticed your practice doesn’t show up within the first couple pages of Google’s search results, you need a dentist copywriter.

You may be thinking, “I can write my own content!” or “Who better to write about dentistry than an actual dentist?” First, while most dentists certainly can write their own content, the fact of the matter is most can rarely dedicate the time and effort needed. Second, as a dentist, you have a wealth of knowledge on dentistry, but you may find that your writing is too technical for the average reader—potential patients.

So, without further ado, here are five reasons to hire a dentist copywriter:

  1. Take it off Your Plate—Creating content for your web pages and remembering to write regular blog posts only adds stress to your already busy schedule. Instead of trying to do it on your own, hire a dentist copywriter to do it for you. A skilled copywriter can mimic your unique voice while explaining various services and procedures in a way that patients understand. Whether you want to revamp your website with fresh content or you want to publish a blog post once a week, a copywriter can take that off your plate so you can focus on what matters most—your patients.
  2. Improve Your SEO Rankings—Search engine optimization, or SEO, determines where you rank in Google (and other) searches. These rankings are dependent upon original content on your website, strong and strategic keyword usage, and publishing blog posts regularly. Dentistry is your specialty. A dentist copywriter’s specialty is creating SEO-driven content that will help you move up in Google search results. Not only do they understand what SEO is, but they also know how to successfully execute an SEO strategy that will put you in front of more potential patients.
  3. Maintain a Consistent Voice and Brand—Your practice is your brand, and you must be consistent with how you present your brand across all platforms. Maintaining a consistent voice is important as well. While you may want to maintain a professional and informative tone on your website, you might want a more conversational tone in your blog posts. Dentist copywriters understand these needs and can adopt the tone the topic and platform demands, keeping a consistent voice while also providing fresh content. Additionally, a good copywriter can divide content into smaller pieces with catchy headings, so your readers can easily find the information they need. This helps both potential and existing patients get to know you and the services you provide.
  4. Eliminate Errors—Even some of the best writers fail to catch spelling or grammar errors. While you may think a small error or two is no big deal, as a dentist, it can tarnish your credibility. Potential patients may question your knowledge and expertise if they find errors on your website or in one of your blog posts. A dentist copywriter does more than write—they also do extensive research and fact-checking to ensure technical terms and procedures are defined and explained correctly. Before ever submitting something for publication on your website or blog, they will also proofread their work (usually multiple times!) to ensure the content is error free. As a result, potential patients will view you as an expert, which is what everyone wants when searching for a dentist!
  5. Original Content Every Time—In the world of writers, plagiarism is the ultimate sin. In the world of SEO, plagiarism will land you at the bottom of search results. If you want to achieve high rankings on search engines like Google, your content has to be original. This doesn’t just apply to content on other websites and blogs. It also means you can’t reuse your own content. This can prove exceedingly difficult when you have multiple web pages that discuss various aspects of dental implants, as well as a few blog posts on the topic. Dentist copywriters know original content is key, and they are experts in crafting unique phrases that are never, ever plagiarized.

I’m Shauna Duty, owner of Identiwrite Creative, and my team of dentist copywriters is dedicated to helping you succeed. They are experienced writers who understand the importance of quality and original content. Rather than stuffing your content with keywords (which is also a big SEO no-no!), they place them strategically throughout the content they write, working them in so they flow naturally throughout the page. If you are ready to give your practice and patients the content they deserve, send me an email or give me a call at 940-395-5115. I’d love to hear more about your specific needs and develop a strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

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