4 Ways to Make Dental Technology More Profitable

By August 29, 2014September 27th, 2018Content Marketing, Dental Office Marketing

hand pressesWord-of-mouth marketing is the best value for budget. If you’ve invested in high-tech equipment such as a dental laser, CAD/CAM, intraoral scanners, and even digital radiography, make the most of your investment by actively marketing the benefits to your patients. When your patients know that your soft tissue dental laser makes periodontal therapy more comfortable, predictable, and precise, he can tell his friends. It is up to you, however, to make sure that your patients and potential patients know about your office’s technology and its benefits.

Here are four ways to aggressively and actively market your dental technology.

  1. Each piece of technology in your office deserves a page on your website. To ensure that these pages are seen by potential patients, optimize them for the benefits of the technology, not just the name of the tool. For instance, a page on CEREC or E4D CAD/CAM should be optimized for one-day, same-day, and one-visit crowns.
  2. Train your team to market your services and educate your patient on all of the technology that your office provides.
  3. On Facebook and other social media sites, feature pictures and short descriptions of your technology in action. Be sure to mention the benefits. (If you haven’t noticed, benefits are key!)
  4. Write a guest blog, press release, or informative article about your technology, and its benefits, and post your composition on a third-party website. For instance, a piece on digital radiography might work well on the blog of a local whole foods or holistic medicine business. Your local newspaper may even feature the article on its website.

If you don’t have a website or blog, or you have no time or desire to write, call me. The Identiwrite Creative team of trained, talented copywriters specializes in writing dental websites, blogs, articles, and press releases. We also manage SEO programs with a content marketing focus.

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