Perhaps the greatest thing about Google and Bing is that information is literally at our fingertips anytime, anywhere. I can even look things up on my watch, by voice command no less! For research geeks like yours truly, the Internet has revolutionized daily life.

From providing football scores and standings – Boomer Sooner! – to teaching me about the symptoms of flap healing issues after LASIK surgery, the Internet has all the answers I need for my personal and professional research.

What answers does your website provide Google searchers?

Content marketing is extremely important for dentists because the text on your site provides answers to many questions (if your website is any good) that people looking for a dentist type into Google or Bing. The more unique, informative, and vast your website text, the better chance you’ll have of ranking high in search results for specific keywords.

In addition to having a great website, you need to know what your competitors are doing.

  • What answers do your competitors’ websites provide?
  • What are the keywords they focus on?
  • How many backlinks do they have, what are they, and which have the most value?
  • What kind of traffic do your competitors’ websites get?
  • Then, of course, how do the answers to these questions compare with your site?

Problem is, Google and Bing won’t tell you these answers. Neither will Alexa or Siri. There are some tools, no-cost tools, that help me quickly access answers to these questions. I’m going to share those tools with you so, if you have the time and desire, you can do your own marketing research.

And if you don’t have the time or desire, hire Identiwrite. We’ll find the answers, then devise a strategy to make your website competitive so it ranks higher in search, for a wider range of keywords. The ultimate goal is more traffic to get you more new patients.

Now, here are three free tools for SEO research on dentists’ websites. BTW, I have no professional affiliation with these companies/services and receive no incentive whatsoever from them. I just think they’re great.

SEO Quake – A Chrome Extension

This extension can be installed in your browser. A small icon in your browser bar will pull results up for any website. Simply visit a website, click the icon, and review the results. Not everything SEO Quake reports is valuable to a dentist. I suggest reviewing the DIAGNOSIS tab. This will take you to a page showing metadata, headings, schema markup, alt-image tags, and more. The pertinent information for a dentist is: meta title, meta description, heading tags, alt-image tags, and schema markup. An analysis of each of these is provided, as are tips for improvement.


Use SEO Quake on your site, and then compare the results to your competitors’ sites to size up the competition. If you make changes to your site based on the tips that SEO Quake provides, and your site is “better” than those of other dentists in your area, you’ll be off to a good start.

Ubersuggest – A Chrome Extension

I really like Ubersuggest because it provides more information, more analysis than any other SEO evaluation extension on the Web. Simply navigate to a website, then click the orange U icon in your browser (after installing the Ubersuggest extension). This will pull up a dropdown sidebar with a wealth of information. One of the best features is the backlink information.


Click on the box “backlinks” to redirect your browser to a page that shows all the backlinks a website has, with the information about site authority for those incoming links. You can send an email to the backlink site owners asking how your site can earn a backlink. Remember, though they are very hard to acquire, backlinks help SEO. Sites with the greatest number of high-value backlinks tend to rank high in search results.

Solarwinds Pingdom – A Website

Visit this website, enter a URL (yours first, then your competitors’), and find out if your site has speed issues. A list of items, graded by worst to best, will appear. This data can be very helpful for improving a website’s speed – which is valuable for SEO. I use a technician to make the changes suggested by Solarwinds. All suggestions may not be possible to implement, but the more you do, the better your site speed will be!


If you use these tools and follow the advice they provide, your site should rank higher in search results. Don’t forget that posting new, fresh content each week is extremely helpful for SEO. The more robust your website, the more information it can provide to Google. Thus, your site will rank higher and wider, for more keywords, and visibility to potential patients will improve. As a result, you can get more new patients!

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