An article on, published yesterday, brings to light over 100 marketing statistics about online marketing. Busy dentists and doctors don’t have time to read them all, so I’ll give you a few highlights, and briefly explain how you can leverage the info to improve your market your practice more effectively online.

This post will review what works best, and in coming days, I’ll review what does not work, sure-hit social marketing, and the big fail with lead and analytics tracking. I’ll also include advice and input from dental marketing experts across the US, so you will know the recommendations are not just my personal opinion, but are approved by many experts in the industry.

What Works Best

Marketers who blog are 13 times more likely to generate ROI. (Contently)

ROI means return on investment. To generate ROI, then, means to earn more than you invested. By publishing a blog – and I recommend a minimum of weekly posting – you’ll increase the potential for a return on your investment by 13 times. The moral of this story is what Matt Cutts, of Google, said a few years ago: Every business needs a blog!

75% of marketers saw positive returns from their content marketing efforts. (Contently)

Content marketing includes any blogs, articles, press releases, and other written content that you publish online. It can include social media posts, as well. A good idea is to create a content marketing calendar that includes topics, though the hard part is keeping up with the workload!

74% of readers trust educational content from brands as long as it doesn’t push a sale. (Contently)

Dental marketing expert and website developer Mike Pederson agrees: “People who search on google are looking for information to make an informed decision. Content that answers their questions is the most effective means of content marketing.”

The content created for your online marketing efforts should not push a sale. Reserve the calls to action for only the last paragraph, and be sure to tread lightly with sales pitches. Instead, be the expert, the authority, on all things related to your area of expertise. Be the Dr. Oz of your community, and use your knowledge to market your practice online.

56% of marketers claim personalized content drives higher engagement. (Contently)

Personalized content means text that is not stock – text that is not found elsewhere online. The best blog posts are from the dentist’s or hygienist’s point of view, and they bring to light information about what is seen in the office day to day. You may answer questions that your patients pose, discuss new products for home healthcare and oral care, or discuss a specific case (without naming the patient, of course). Instead of regurgitating content about diabetes or dental crowns, write about what’s relevant to your patients, based on what you hear them say in the office.

56% of all online traffic comes through a mobile. (comScore)

This means, if your website is not mobile friendly, you’re in big trouble! To find out if your site is mobile friendly according to Google, click here. Should you learn that the site is NOT mobile-ready, it’s time to rebuild. I have many, many tips and much advice about website rebuilds and invite you to schedule a 30-minute complimentary telephone consultation with me, at your convenience. I’ll evaluate your marketing efforts and help you come up with a plan to market your practice and get new patients.



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